2022 P4P Deadlift Competition

Weigh-in Date: Fri, 17th 2024 at the Best Western Sheridan Center

Competition Date: Sat, May 18 2022 at the Wyo Theater

This year isn’t just about bringing the competition stage to Sheridan. This time, it’s about setting the new standard for events across the state of Wyoming. The show is bigger than ever. It’s time to get hyped and show the people what you’re made of…

Competitors will be broken into Men’s Division and a Women’s Divisions. This is a pound for pound competition, so there are no weight classes. All competitors will weigh in on the day of the show and your weight will be used to calculate pounds lifted per pounds of body weight. A winner will be declared for both the Men’s and Women’s divisions. 

The competition will be capped at 50 lifters.




All athletes must weigh in the day before, at registration. This bodyweight will be used to calculate your score after the event.

Equipment - RAW

Belts and chalk are the only equipment allowed. No suits, wraps, or straps. 


Singlets are not required. Wear your outfit of choice.


There are no weight classes. Only two divisions: Male and Female. The placings in those two divisions are decided by the weight lifted and their body weight. Pound for pound. 


Each lifter gets 3 attempts to hit their best deadlift. Your heaviest completed deadlift will be used to calculate your score.

Warm ups

There will be a designated warm up area back stage. Each lifter will be required to be back stage prior to the show and will be given a warm up period before they lift. 

Competitor Registration: Open